About the Premium Partner Plans

Premium Partner Services

A Premium Partner Service is where the fees and charges for the inbound calls that we receive and process on your behalf are based on call duration rather than quantity of calls. These are Time Based Plans rather than Call Event Plans and enable us to deliver highly customised solutions to your business.

These solutions could range from simple patient management and appointments for medical and healthcare professionals into one of our supported on-line calendars right up to sophisticated workflow based solutions for logistics company integrating directly into your CRM or sales management tool.

We are happy to look at and review any requirement and build a workflow solution that meets your business requirements.

Monthly Recurring Fees

We charge our set fees in advance month to month on the anniversary date* of your account establishment. Your monthly invoice would contain fees for the month in advance and consumables for the month prior. Your fees in advance would be what your usage would be calculated to produce the additional consumables on your next invoice.

We recognise that your needs may change and your volumes may increase. Therefore we encourage you to monitor your usage and contact us if you feel you are on the incorrect plan level. You can change your plan level at any point in time during the month, with all changes effective next business day, up to one plan change per bill cycle.

*accounts set up on the 29th, 30th or 31st of the month will have the anniversary date of the 1st of the month. 

Usage Cap

Each of our plan levels will include a certain amount of events (eg inbound calls received) so you can select the most cost effect plan for your needs. If the included cap is reached you do not need to worry that your service will be disrupted. We will continue to provide the service over and above the included usage cap with any additional units charged at an extra fee. If you are finding that you are regularly exceeding your cap it may be worth looking at changing your plan to a higher level.

Unlimited SMS

SMS is a great way for you or your customers to receive information. They can be used as simple  messages, as notification or as reminders and because of there convenience, be quite effective in lifting your overall experience of that of your customer. SMS’s are received and appear on your device almost immediately, can be easily viewed and can even be replied to if you required this built into your work flow*.

As part of this service, the Silent Partner provides an unlimited supply of SMS so think about how you can use these as part of your solution.

* This feature would require custom development. Please speak with your customer service representative about adding this feature to your service.

1300 Numbers

1300 numbers are fast becoming an essential business tool. They are a nationwide number that is portable, meaning it is not restricted to any particular telephone exchange or geographical area. They also come with a wide range of call handling and routing options that can be tailored to individual business needs.

1300 numbers are inbound numbers which means they can only be used for incoming calls.

When calling a 1300 number from any landline in Australia, the caller is charged the cost of a local call. That’s why 1300 numbers are often referred to as Local Rate Numbers. Higher charges apply when dialling from a mobile phone. They are determined by the mobile phone company and vary between carriers.

Account holders are charged for all incoming calls and the cost depends on where the call originates from and is charged at the respective rate.

At an additional monthly fee, The Silent Partner can provide a 1300 number for your business. View the pricing on our Schedule of Standard Fees and Charges page.