Live Call Answering

Never miss a sales opportunity because you couldn’t take a call!

It’s easy to deliver exceptional service to your customers with Silent Partner’s Live Call Answering Service.

Suitable for businesses of all sizes – start-ups, SMEs and established businesses – you will receive an Australian operator who can:

  • Take phone messages
  • Answer commonly asked questions
  • Transfer calls to you or a relevant staff member
  • Make appointments or bookings
  • Send quotes
  • Handle information requests

We can become your virtual assistant and virtual receptionist available when your potential or existing customers are ready to make that call.

Today’s business reality

In a time poor world, calling a business means you want an answer now! But if that call goes to voicemail, the caller is more likely to go to a competitor than leave a message.

Silent Partner’s Call Answering Service helps you:

  • Deliver on your service promise
  • Stand out from your competitors
  • Maximise your chances of converting every enquiry into a sale

Clients rely on us in many ways

  • Healthcare professionals have more time to focus on patient care by asking us to:
    • Schedule appointments
    • Give patients follow-up calls
    • Provide back-up if they already have a receptionist
  • Business owners use our virtual receptionists service to maximise their marketing investment by asking us to:
    • Answer frequently asked questions over the phone
    • Send information packs in response to phone enquiries
    • Prepare quotations generated by phone requests
  • Established businesses with a large customer database ask our team to help them stay in touch with their customers by designing a regular call-back system
  • Small and start-up business owners depend on our virtual receptionists to answer calls and take messages so they can demonstrate they operate a professional business

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