Case Study – Epping Osteopaths

“My kids were being difficult when a patient rang to make an appointment. That’s when I realised I needed help so I called Silent Partner.”


Before I had my children, I was able to employ a receptionist to manage my patients’ appointments. But now that I’m a mum and working fewer hours, I simply can’t affordable to have a full-time receptionist.


Answering Machines aren’t enough!

I tried the option of patients leaving messages on an answering machine but returning their calls was too time-consuming and took me away from my family. I also found I was constantly playing telephone tag with patients. The whole thing simply wasn’t working.


Then one day I was at the supermarket, the kids were playing up and a patient rang. At the end of the call I realised that when I’m with my children, I can’t always sound as professional as I’d like. So I needed to find a solution.


Silent Partner makes everything easy

Silent Partner was recommended to me by a colleague. I am delighted with the service and how easy they make everything.


I’m not usually good with technology but the diary system was simple to master. During office hours I have my Silent Partner receptionist taking calls and booking appointments for me. After hours, my patients leave a message on the answering machine and when the office re-opens, Silent Partner goes through the messages and contacts my patients.


I always know what’s happening because my Silent Partner receptionist sends messages to keep me fully informed.


It’s a seamless, professional service that works

These days, I employ a casual receptionist on busy days just to take patient payments and answer any calls. But when the receptionist takes a break, we switch the phone back to the Silent Partner team so my patients receive a seamless, professional service that works.


I’ve been with Silent Partner since 2011 and I love how they help my business.


Personalised service when you can’t be there

Silent Partner offers professional and confidential diary management services for healthcare professionals. It means your patients can speak to a person – not a machine – when they want to make an appointment.


For more information or to request a free trial, contact Silent Partner on 1300 884 545 or email 109 Pitt St. Sydney, NSW 2000.