Case Study – Fibonacci Coffee

“I was wary of letting go because I thought I was the only one who could convert enquiries into sales. But I was wrong!”


In the hospitality industry, we spend our days looking after our customers so we are unable to take enquiries. By the time I contacted a prospective new customer, they had gone somewhere else. It was frustrating. I was spending money on advertising that was generating enquiries but I was unable to convert the enquiries into sales.


They’re sending quotes & making the sale

Three years ago, I started working with the Silent Partner team. They do more than take a message. They actually make the sale for me.


There are systems and processes in place that enables the Silent Partner sales team to identify urgent calls that need my immediate attention and sales calls which they can handle with finesse.


Silent Partner has even developed a quote calculation tool which enables their team members to prepare and send quotes on my behalf. I don’t need to do a thing.


My business has grown, I’m working shorter hours and I’m getting much higher returns on my advertising investment.


Making a great first impression

The biggest difference is the way new customers respond. Even if we are more expensive than other quotes they have received, they will go with us because they feel confident we will provide high quality service. That’s because there is a knowledgeable person answering their enquiry and promptly sending them a quote.


Helping me grow my business

I can honestly say Silent Partner has helped me grow my business. Not only that, they have been able to adapt to the changing needs of my business and find solutions to make working with them even easier. I am very happy to endorse the Silent Partner team.


Wish you had a partner to help you grow your business?

There comes a stage in every business when you need help to take it to the next level. That’s when Silent Partner can help.


They offer customised, cost effective solutions to your everyday client management challenges – whatever they may be.


So if you would like to investigate how Silent Partner may be able to help you grow your business, call us for chat on 1300 884 545 or email 109 Pitt St. Sydney, NSW 2000.