Case Study – LS Psychology

“The decision was easy once we compared the costs of hiring a new receptionist or choosing Silent Partner.”



Like many healthcare professionals, I run my own business but share rooms and office costs with others. We had employed a receptionist but when she resigned, we started looking at our options. Several colleagues recommended Silent Partner.


When I compared the costs of employing another receptionist with Silent Partner, the decision was easy to make. We went with the team at Silent Partner.


They know how to handle clients in distress

As a psychologist, I need to be sure my clients received professional, confidential service. The Silent Partner team helped me put systems in place to protect my clients’ privacy and provide them with efficient, considerate service.


We don’t run a crisis centre so my clients know they can only contact me during office hours. Even so, occasionally clients ring in distress and the Silent Partner team know exactly what to do. The feedback from my clients has been great and reinforces my decision to go with Silent Partner.


My Silent Partner team answer client calls, make appointments and handle client enquiries. We have been working together for about 6 months now and the whole process has been so easy.


It’s a professional, cost-effective alternative

I would recommend Silent Partner to any psychologist or healthcare professional because they are efficient, effective and professional. Not only that, their service is truly cost effective and much cheaper than employing a full-time receptionist.


If you are a healthcare professional looking for help with managing client calls and appointments, contact Silent Partner for more information. They also offer an obligation free 14 day free trial. To see if they can help your practice, contact Silent Partner today on 1300 884 545 or