Case Study – Mortgage Broker

“For financial service providers, maintaining the value of your trailing income is important. I wanted a way to prevent my clients being poached by other brokers.”


Finding new clients and solving their problems fills my day so there simply isn’t time to contact past clients.


As a result, the clients I had worked so hard to acquire were being poached by other brokers and I was losing valuable trailing income. I also had a huge database of names that I’d met at seminars but I’d never had time to contact them.


All it takes is 3 simple questions!

Together with the Silent Partner team, we came up with 3 simple questions to ask existing clients on their anniversary with me. Depending on the answers, my Silent Partner sales team will set up a telephone conference with these clients.


During the telephone conference, I’m able to re-establish the close working relationship I had with my clients when we first met. It also gives me an opportunity to promote the other services I provide.


Silent Partner is now cold calling my dormant database

The results have been so good, I’m now asking the Silent Partner sales team to start contacting my database to see if I can convert any of them into clients. We are starting to see some good results.


I’m using my time more efficiently

I’ve been using Silent Partner for about 7 months and I’m impressed with the results they are obtaining for me. They are helping me be more efficient in the way I use my time and of course, they are helping me preserve my existing client base and enhance the quality of service I provide.


Customised solutions based on your needs

Every business has different needs and challenges so the team at Silent Partner work with business owners to develop simple solutions that have the power to transform their business.


If your trailing income is at risk or you simply need help to keep in touch with clients or prospects, talk to the team at Silent Partner. Call 1300 884 545 or email 109 Pitt St. Sydney, NSW 2000.