Can I use the same number my clients call me on? Do I need to change my number? Or can I just forward my existing number?

Yes, you can use the same number your clients call you on. No need to change your number. We provide you with a unique virtual office number just for your business and you simply divert your number to this number. Your clients will still call you on the same number and they will be greeted by one of our friendly and professional team. You can forward as many numbers (1300, 1800, landline and mobile numbers) as you require to the Virtual Number we provide you with.

When can I start?
Immediately. You just need to provide us with an Order Form & your Payment Information details and its pretty seamless from there. Your account will be set up within the hour.
How will my calls be answered?
Your calls will be answered by a personalised script specified upon your set up with The Silent Partner. You can change this script at any time by sending an email with the new script to changes@silentpartner.com.au
Can I have calls transferred to me?
Yes. Currently we have two options when handling your calls. We will either take a message and send it to you or we can transfer through to a particular number (landline or mobile, worldwide). To transfer a call there is a connection fee involved. Transfer is not available on the Message Partner Plans. We always give you the option of taking the call. The call attendant will let you know who is calling and what it is in regards to upon transferring and you always have the option of asking us to take a message.
If the caller asks for more information, or a general question about my company, how will they be answered?
We encourage clients to provide us with additional information about their company, especially a frequently asked questions page so we can respond to your callers professionally and accurately. If we have the information, we will answer your caller. If we are unable to answer the question, we will refer the caller to the appropriate contact within the company and take full message details and on forward it to you.
Are you able to take appointments for me?

Absolutely. We pride ourselves on providing Diary Management | Bookings Support Services to a broad range of clients and industries. Please call us on 02 8437 6222 or email changes@silentpartner.com.au for more information.

Are you able to provide additional numbers and/or numbers for different states?

Yes. We can provide you with phone and faxmail numbers nationally as well as 1300 and 1800 numbers.

How do I pay my invoices?
Your payment options are Credit Card or Direct Debit. Our automated billing system processes your invoices in the first five days of the billing cycle against the payment method you have provided to us upon setting up your account. Your monthly invoice is automatically emailed to you on about the anniversary date of when you started with Silent Partner with a detailed breakdown of all services and consumables utilised.
Am I locked into a lengthy contract or agreement?
No locked in contracts or memberships. It’s a month to month (30 days) licence agreement. One month’s notice is required to cancel your account.
Can I upgrade/downgrade my service level?
Yes. You can upgrade or downgrade your service level at any time to ensure you are on the best plan to suit your requirements.